04 1 / 2014

Naked Wines voice

Naked Wines has a really strong voice in all of their correspondence. Very familiar and casual. It’s endearing, though I think they almost go too far occasionally.

07 12 / 2013

jsfiddle loading screen


16 8 / 2013

Digg 404 page

Digg as a fun 404 error page. It meshes nicely with their brand as an internet news company.

12 8 / 2013

OkCupid ad block

If you have ad block turned on when browsing OkCupid  you get a really awesome message. Great personality, tone, and I would guess, conversion.

(Source: littlebigdetails.com)

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08 8 / 2013

Leap Motion

I got my Leap Motion a few days ago. It’s a really cool toy, though definitely still just a toy. Anyway, I was rearranging it on my desk and after setting it down, got this error message. SO COOL!!

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25 7 / 2013

Simple Customer Support

Simple , the new take on online banking, has awesome customer service. Not only can you get help with one click from within their platform, but their representatives are incredibly responsive and do a great job using copy to make you feel good despite saying no. Brava, Liene!

06 5 / 2013

Bay Alarm Motto

Bay Alarm has some clever mottos. I know if I’m ever in the market for a burglar alarm system, I’m going with the company that has the most puns in their marketing material. I know that sounds sarcastic, but it’s actually not. Puns = sense of humor = fun personality = good customer experience.

06 5 / 2013

Woah there!

​Presented without comment (except this one (and this one (and this one ( … ))))

22 4 / 2013

4/20 Postmates Email

Here’s an email I got from Postmates on 4/20 at 4:20pm. Regardless of the actual copy of this email it is an effective form of brand identity and provides a clever way for the company to gain (or lose) loyal users. 

06 3 / 2013


Wanelo has amazing copy, all over their website. It definitely caters to young people with tons of meme references, inside jokes, and sarcastic humor. Wonderful way to build brand loyalty if you fit their target demographic. I love it!