20 7 / 2014

CanvasPop Order Processing Screen

While you wait for your order to be processed on CanvasPop, they show a nice progress bar with some fun copy.


23 5 / 2014

Blizzard’s Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a new iPad game from Blizzard that does a great job with copy, both throughout the app and in all their supporting assets. Here’s their landing page. “Handle it!”


20 5 / 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy movie poster

Guardians of the Galaxy is a new sci-fi comedy coming out that has a very unique style and tone. They do a great job of consistent branding on all of their assets. Note the tag line at the bottom: “You’re Welcome”


17 5 / 2014

Smashburger menu

Smashburger makes a delicious burger and they aren’t afraid to praise it. These are their helpful instructions as you walk in.


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14 5 / 2014

Subpar Minigolf

I mean, even their name is amazing. Their self-deprecating humor makes me love them immediately. And these signs in the bathroom sealed the deal.


11 5 / 2014

Taco Tuesday at La Taqueria

Every day is Taco Tuesday at my favorite taqueria in the whole world, La Taqueria. The taqueria so twice, it’s name is literally The Taqueria.


08 5 / 2014

Timehop feed

When you scroll to the bottom of your Timehop feed, there’s always a new message from their mascot, Abe. This is a lovely piece of branding - it really gives the character… *ahem* character.


05 5 / 2014

Eat24 iPhone app update

Ever since the App store started updating apps automatically, the copy has been getting more and more creative, since developers know fewer people will read it. But for those that do, Eat 24 has some great copy!


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04 1 / 2014

Naked Wines voice

Naked Wines has a really strong voice in all of their correspondence. Very familiar and casual. It’s endearing, though I think they almost go too far occasionally.


07 12 / 2013

jsfiddle loading screen